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Monday, July 29, 2013


Week 28

     This week has been good.  The weather is hot as usually.  All I still need for my bike is a lock and inter-tube and patch kit and it should be fine for a long time.  Sun City is in our mission.  Not in my zone, but pretty close by.
      We had a pancake breakfast for Pioneer Day in one ward.  We have been getting a lot of referrals recently.  There are more member here, I'm not sure if there are more active members.  The two wards we have are 1/3 of the size of our home ward.
      We got rain like one or two days this week.  I didn't see any flash floods.  All the big rain is close to where we are, but never right where we are.  We made up a guy for fun because I heard of other Elders who have done it and it worked.  So we thought we would give it  a try.  We get dinner every day here with members.  The week of transfers p-day is on Tuesday and transfers are Wednesday.  If you are transferred or not you get to do a quick e-mail home to tell your parent and let them know your new address. Transfers are every 6 weeks and you could stay or not.  But most USA missions have been increasing the average time in one area, to more around 6 months.  But it's not quite there yet.  Yes, my companions have all been great.
      I haven't got in any bike accidents yet.  Just some close ones, but we never hit each other, or anything else.  We live right behind a golf course.  We went golfing today and I got a lot better at the end then when we started.  One of our ward missionaries is moving to Leisure World.  I can't really think of any funny stories or things to share right now.

Bye, Elder Swift

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