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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Week 27

     I doing fine and I am drinking water and;  they tell us to drink water on fast Sundays. We don't really run into to many people who speak Spanish and I have no idea how many Spanish missionaries we have in the mission. We drive to church. I have played golf, maybe later today. And I haven't gotten a new mission shirt the last one was a present and I can't go online to get a new one. 
      I will probably just go with the December release date. It rained the most since I got to this area and it was only an inch or 2. We do shopping and laundry and stuff on p-day and if people really want to we might play sports. Usually people like to play basketball; I haven't play tennis since I have been out.  WE have grass where we live. There are a lot of bike lanes on the medium to small used streets. 
     It is the holy ghost that converts, but it is our job as missionaries to do the finding whether it be by working with members a getting referrals or knocking on down. The Holy Ghost can't testify of truth when the truth is not present and that is our job. With out missionaries the Holy Ghost would not be able to convert people. And with out the Holy Ghost missionaries wouldn't have any reason to teach people. How one missionary acts can make a differences in the number of people that are being taught.  So missionaries can work hard and make a difference. I'm was called to this area so that I would make a difference and would change things, that's how all missionaries are called to their areas. 
     Any way it's still hot down here. I met someone from my last area that moved out of my ward months ago and into the ward I'm in now. We watched the "Work of Salvation, or I thing that's what the missionary broadcast was called, for district meeting last Wednesday. I found a shinny penny from 1956 that was cool. 
     In daily planning one night we decided to do some tracting the next day, so we made up a guy, what he would look like and what he would be wearing. We met that guy the next day when we went tracting. SO we did things like height, cloths, and hair color. We helped someone clean up their back yard a little bit. They had a lot of garbage to put on the curb. The next day was like over load trash day or something.
      There's a persons who brings us bags of snacks on Sunday right before sacrament starts. After district meeting some sister missionaries were giving out tons of food, because they helped a member move, who decided not to take any food with them at all so most of our zone got a lot of food. There was more than one district meeting going on at the same time. SO most of our zone was there. Nothing else exciting really going on so,
Elder Swift

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