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Monday, July 8, 2013

Phoenix Arizona

Week 24

Right now it is 116 degrees and it's going to just get hotter.  It's not to bad though.  They say no one ever gets used to it, they just deal with it. Our address says that we are in Phoenix -

Elder Caleb Swift
10126 West Sells
Phoenix , AZ 85037

So with this mission, when its transfer time we have p-day on Tuesday and not Monday.  I did get the bike but I still need to pay for it, it was one that they had at the mission storage and it was a Schwinn bike.  I think its called Ranger or something like that.

My companion is Elder Rushton and he is from Vaughn, Montana.  He has been out for 9 months.  I have no clue how many missionaries are in Phoenix.  There were 16 in Flagstaff, so 16 came into the Arizona Phoenix mission.

 Not really any thing else going on.  Packages are OK to be send straight to our address in this mission if you want to.  Just don't send them within a week of transfers to be safe.

It sounds like the reunion was a lot of fun and I think it might be interesting to see Malachi teach a gospel essential class.  Tell Julia I say thank you and I love you too.

I live in a four Elder apartment, I hear they have a lot of them in this mission.  The other two Elders are Elder Empey and Shin and it's weird because they are actually in a whole different district than me and my companion, but we are in the same apartment.  Things are going good.  Feel free to send as many packages as you want. 

Elder Caleb Swift

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