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Monday, July 15, 2013

Phoenix Mission

Week 25

     This area I'm in now, I have only gone tracting once for like 30 minutes or less.  I got the package, I think it was left at the door.  The gummy bears were a little melted, so I froze them.  Did you know that's the first time I have had pistachios?  I think they taste a lot like peanuts.  Thanks for the package, I love the water bottle it's pretty "cool".

There is no limit on us being out on temperature that anyone knows about, so I'm out all day long in the heat.  We just bike everywhere. That address I sent is where we live, but its not actual a resort place at all, but a golf course goes through in-between the houses.  We get to play at the golf course for free, so next Monday I think that's what we will do.

There are some rural areas in our zone.  We cover two wards: Garden Lakes, and Villa de Paz.  My new companion is great; he works hard.  We do have a few people we are teaching here, not as many as my last area, but I can change that.  I don't really have anything to say in letters other than questions you ask.  I haven't been in this area very long so I can't tell you a lot about what is happening with the people.  But things are going great.  Hope you have a nice week, bye.
Elder Swift

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