Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

28 May 2013

Week 18

The weather is good and it's not that hot here, but it's still hot. Things are going good, it hasn't rained in a while. I will find out about transfers on Saturday and the move, if any, would be on Monday or Tuesday.  They tell us the transfer information over the phone.
The baptism last Saturday was for Sierra and it went great.
I don't know what is easiest. I don't really have any preference on liking something the best. I still have my same companiion, Elder Dean from Vancouver, Washington. I don't really care if I go or stay in Flagstaff for this transfer. Favorite investigators are Deon and Owen, Owen is actually a different missionary's investigator, but he is always with Deon when we teach.
The wards are smaller here and just about everyone hunts. Also instead of like the few weird families in the ward, there are a few normal ones, and pretty much no-one wants to do missionary work. They are all friendly and nice but they mostly don't want to do anything.
They weather here is more like it is in Spokane but still less rain. Homes are pretty much the same as Washington, except there are a ton of trailer homes.  All Hispanic people go to the Spanish elders so we teach white and Navajo and that is pretty much it. I haven't seen any interesting rocks and I also haven't gotten sick from any food. I have no short or long term goals except the monthly and weekly goals we set every month and week for stuff like number of lessons, baptisms, and investigators.
Both Bishops are nice and so is the Mission President.
Elder Swift

Thursday, May 9, 2013

MTC Pictures

Here are some pictures from when Elder Swift was at the MTC.  We didn't get to post them during that time because we did not have them until his SD card came in the mail.

 This one Elder had a suit made out of duct table which he used for pajamas.

They found this hidden stash in their room where previous MTC missionary students had hidden things so Caleb had us send him some things to leave there for future missionaries.

 They also found this in the room.

 They got to go on a trip to the Provo Temple.
 Walking distance.

At the end of his time at the MTC, Elder Swift was ready to go out and start missionary work at the New Mexico Farmington Mission.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flagstaff 6 May 2013

Week 15

Yep I am doing fine.

I'm not sure what time that I will call, but it will probably be after 5 pm or around that time.  Do I really need to call, I haven't been gone for that long?  Just kidding, I'll call.

It has been pretty hot in Flagstaff; it's not like it's hotter than Washington though.  There is just not as many clouds blocking the sun.

My companion's great and he is working hard.  The teaching is going well, one of the kids in the family is progressing the other one just hasn't been there when we stop by so we don't know.

We are trying to walk a lot more so we don't go over our mile limit, and we will have enough miles to go to a gym in the mornings. The ward members don't really drive us around, but I'm sure if we asked they would.

I haven't had any more strange food yet, dry bread is fry bread just not fried in oil but cooked with-out oil.

We don't teach in Spanish because we have a set of missionaries for our whole zone that teach all the Spanish people.

So what does Malachi's house look like now?  What color?  Tell Andrew good luck with baseball, for me.

Bye from,
Elder Swift