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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flagstaff 6 May 2013

Week 15

Yep I am doing fine.

I'm not sure what time that I will call, but it will probably be after 5 pm or around that time.  Do I really need to call, I haven't been gone for that long?  Just kidding, I'll call.

It has been pretty hot in Flagstaff; it's not like it's hotter than Washington though.  There is just not as many clouds blocking the sun.

My companion's great and he is working hard.  The teaching is going well, one of the kids in the family is progressing the other one just hasn't been there when we stop by so we don't know.

We are trying to walk a lot more so we don't go over our mile limit, and we will have enough miles to go to a gym in the mornings. The ward members don't really drive us around, but I'm sure if we asked they would.

I haven't had any more strange food yet, dry bread is fry bread just not fried in oil but cooked with-out oil.

We don't teach in Spanish because we have a set of missionaries for our whole zone that teach all the Spanish people.

So what does Malachi's house look like now?  What color?  Tell Andrew good luck with baseball, for me.

Bye from,
Elder Swift

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