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Monday, April 29, 2013

29 April 2013

Week 14

The week was good.  My last companion said he would send me some pictures of me and the person I baptized.

My new companion Elder Dean is from Vancouver Washington.  He has been out for 9 months.

Weather is OK here. It's been sunny about every day.

We got 4 new investigators.  Almost 2 of them have a baptismal date and we almost got a 5th investigator, 3rd with a baptismal date, but he wasn't at our lesson.  The zone leaders got a call from a mom saying her kids want to be baptized.  So they had the first lesson and set the date with her three sons.  They didn't know what area it was in, but once they found out they told us.  So when we went over, only two  had a lesson with us, so we count only two of the three as our investigators.

I will know what mission I will be in 100% for sure after the next transfer, whoever is in Flagstaff then will be in the Phoenix mission.

My companion is our designated driver, so I don't really get to drive.  There is really no point because most likely I will be leaving the area and he will be staying.  Also my previous companion had some crazy thing about driving and he wouldn't let me drive even when he was throwing-up up and feeling really sick.

That's every thing I can think of, it was just a normal week.

Tell every one I said "Hi".

Elder Swift

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