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Monday, April 8, 2013

8 April 2013

Week 11

The week has been good.  Yes, I watched all of conference, I'm a missionary after all.   I would be missing the Washington rain if it didn't start raining and hailing here today, so I'll be good for a week or two now.   So the area I'm serving does have a good amount of pine trees, but on the res. there are just about none.  Or that's what I hear.  The trees are more brown here, but they are starting to become more green.  There are a lot of rocky hills out near the edge of the reservation.  My area goes up to the border of the res.   All the snow has been gone for two or three weeks.  Yah, the first full day of not wearing a suit jacket it starts to rain, it's great.

 I still have the same companion for now, but I might be taking over our area soon.  We are have been going on splits with the ward members  about every Wednesday.  We are trying to start doing splits on Friday too.
I go on exchanges with every companionship in our district once a transfer and also once a transfer with the zone leaders.

On Saturday during conference I was eating some of that Easter candy I got, by the end of the day I had had so much sugar I could feel it in my throat.  It was awful.  After priesthood session the people we went with took us to D.Q.  That was a surprise, but they said that it was tradition.
 Well I got to go so I can learn how to make some fry bread.

Elder Caleb Swift

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