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Monday, April 15, 2013

15 April 2013

Week 12

This is fry bread.

The weather this week has been nice. There hasn't been anyone new that we are teaching this week. The wards we serve in are great. I have never substituted in primary and I haven't heard of any other missionaries ever doing that either. I still have the same companion, there is a 2 transfer (3month) trainning program. So next Saturday we will find out what will happen and if I will stay in the area or not. My first transfer happened the time when we had to move housing. In 13 days will be the end of transfer number 2 and we will start on transfer number 3.  Often we call transfer the whole 6 weeks, and on the last day of the transfer or the first day of the next one, is when we actually move around.
The Boeing Everett plant sounds pretty cool. I would be open to working for Boeing in Washington someday. I like the weather in Washington.

It is starting to get hot here, but since it is after April General Conference we don't have to wear suits until next General Conference. Most of the days here are sunny now.
I have never been in a neighborhood that is dangerous. There is no part of town that we are not allowed to go, that I have heard of.  Some people are rude when we knock on their door, but other than that everyone is nice and no-one ever threatens. When writing this email some person walked by and said "good luck finding God."  I thought that was hilarious. There are 6 of us missionaries here e-mailing right now.
I have about 200 more cool pictures you might want to see. I took 100 of them today, but I'm not going to send the SD card I have until I have another one back, so I don't miss any cool pictures.
We haven't had any baptism yet, we dropped one date completely, but we have three solid dates coming up for this week.  One of them already went through the baptismal interview and passed. One will have their interview later today and the last one will have their interview on Wednesday. : )

Elder Caleb Swift

P.S.  I went to the Grand Canyon today.

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