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Monday, April 1, 2013

1 April 2013

Week 10

This week went great.  I got your package I think on Wednesday.  Thanks.

I didn't do anything special for Easter. The most Eastery thing was that our dinner appointment made a cake that looked like a bunny.

This week we only had 12 lessons total, but things are going good.  One of our baptism date's boyfriend's grandma died. So they went out to the res. (reservation) to take care of some things and she (the baptismal date) missed her class on how to get divorced so now we don't know when she will get baptized. The only thing that we have been waiting on is the divorce so she can get married, and the missionaries have been waiting for that even before I got here.

We haven't done anything interesting on P-day since the hike up a hill to some ruins. Haven't done any local sight seeing either.

We get to exercise every morning, but I'm usually tired, so it's not much of an exercise. I haven't started P-90X yet, I just got permission from the mission president to do it.  I haven't thought of any April fools tricks, I forgot.

We don't get a lot of service to do, but just two days ago on Saturday we got to help some people move. There were eight missionaries there and some people from out of the ward. We worked for over an hour and a half and made good progress. Last time this person moved it took the elders quorum  about 4 months to help this person move.

Hope you have a good week
Elder Caleb Swift

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