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Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 9

This week was pretty good, it was sunny all week again.
I got the package from Talitha later in the day last Monday. I didn't get an Easter package from you.
I haven't been to any activities from the ward yet, except two. The first was the Blue and Gold dinner, I got to eat dinner that day there. The second one was the pinewood derby, I was one of the judges. There's a Christmas party that got postponed to April 20, so if we can get some investigators there I think we will go.
No, I don't sing in the choir, and I don't plan on ever doing that.
My ankle is pretty much fine, it only made it a little hard to get around the first couple of days.

We have four people on date for for baptism next month and about 26-28 on date in our district (all on date, not just those that are on date next month). I think theres about a total of 16 on date next month and 11 are like 100% going to happen and the other 5 might get moved back I think.
Elder Caleb Swift

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