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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

 4 March 2013
 Week 6
I think that last week was the first week it hadn't snowed at all. Today is a pretty sunny day, but it's supposed to snow this Wednesday. I'm not sure how many members and non-member I met with, a lot of people are less actives that we meet with. There were a ton of appointments that canceled. One day we stopped by some people's house, set up an appointment with them for a couple hours later and they canceled. Then we called them again later and set up another appointment for in 10 minutes.  Two seconds after we got off the phone they called back and canceled. We might go on a hike with our district later today to a crater, but other than that I haven't done any sight seeing.

Amery got in to BYU-I that's great, she should definitely go there. BYU-I is so much better than BYU spiritually, and you also get to have more fun. They say BYU-I is Celestial and BYU is terrestrial and all other schools are telestial. If she goes with a four year degree there we might be able to see each other there.

We do have some Navajo members in our ward, all of them that I have met all speak English and most speak English better than Navajo. I don't know if there are any unsafe areas, I haven't heard or been to any yet.

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