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Monday, March 11, 2013

Week  7 

The place where I'm staying has a small kitchen and a bath and a small bedroom.  It snowed again a lot last Friday, but most of the snow is melted now.
My companion is doing fine, but he has gotten a lot of packages where I haven't.  We decide together on where to go that day.  My companion is the district leader here.  You should send me some cookies in a Tupperware container so I have something to put any left overs in when I make food for lunches.  Flagstaff has a whole zone with two districts in it.  The mission president was over in Flagstaff like two weeks ago.  The mission president was doing interviews.
This Sunday I gave a talk in the Mount Elden Ward.  It was on missionary work and I just talked about President Uchtdorf's talk in the February Ensign called, "Note to the Hesitant Missionary" (or something like that).
We eat at members home almost every day.  We do usually leave a message, one that we have left a lot is the 21 day promise.  I set another baptismal date for the 30th of March, we might have to move it back like a week or two just so we can get through all the lessons.  Going to set another baptismal date tonight!  That will make a total of 3 right now.
I was playing Frisbee last p-day and hurt my ankle, it got huge.  The swelling's almost all the way down now and I can walk fine now.  We might start doing P-90 X, we just need to see if we can get a copy from someone.

Whenever I get to go to the post office I will send the SD card and some other stuff.

Elder Swift

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