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Monday, March 18, 2013

 Week 8

Talitha sent a package?   I have only gotten one since I have been out from dad and that was my ties? If Talitha sent one she might not have sent it priority mail so it would be stuck in the mission office till I go up there. I was talking to some other missionaries and there might be a package that is mine that went to my old address. So I might get it later today I'll email about it next week if I didn't or I did get it. Or if it is another package from dad.
We moved! Still serving the same area just changed the apartment we're in. We've upgraded a ton. There are some pics of my old apartment and the new one in the SD.  I'll try to send to you today with some other stuff.
This week it was sunny every day I think. Starting after General Conference we don't have to wear a suit anymore till the next General Conference. 
We have some appointments but in the middle of the day no one is really home so we end up going tracting or less active hunting a lot.

 The area we cover is really spread out from one end to the other: it could be at a least 30 minute drive. The amount of people, I have no idea.

I'm completely use to it, I could train right now. Normal day; study, tract, lunch, tract/ less active/ potentials, dinner, appointments.
Most people wear suits and ties, but there are some people that do have bola ties, just some old cowboy people. They have that cowboy look, so think of a stereo typical Texan and you would have a member in one of our wards. The Navajo people in the ward wear the same thing that everyone else wears, they don't have any weird clothing at church.
We are going to have a district BBQ today and then climb a hill and look at some ruin that are suppose to be up there.

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