Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Monday, September 30, 2013

Arizona 30 Sept 2013

Week 38

     I suppose you can comment on my post, but there really isn't much of a reason to.  But feel free to like the posts and share them and become one of my followers on Facebook.  Haven't taught anyone yet online, but I might have a lesson later today.
      The weather is a lot better now than it was last month.  It's starting to cool down and some days its not even getting into the 90's.  Yes I have gotten sick once or twice, but nothing really bad.  Still worked those days.  Our combined meeting at church was on family history.
    We only cover one ward now, it's the Villa De Paz ward.  The Bishop is great.  I did get a new companion.  Things are going good, not a hole lot of appointment right now.  A lot of people are busy and going out of town.  I haven't heard anything thing about general conference, it will be interesting to see how it goes and what happens.  Member have always been the ones that are suppose to do all the finding.  Not really anything unusual happening, no bike accidents.  I'll be watching general conference at the church.  They our definitely broadcasting Priesthood, but all men are suppose to go to the church to watch anyway.  I think that we are playing some soccer and maybe volley-ball today.
Elder Swift

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Arizona 24 September

Week 37

Not much has changed, same amount of tracting, same with half car and same with wards.  The weather did cool down though.  It was nice for Arizona, only 89 for the high a couple of days.  For now, but it could change soon.  Nothing really exciting today.  Transfers are tomorrow, so don't exactly know what's going to happen here.  I'll tell you when we find out.  I really can't think of anything else to say.
 Elder Swift

Monday, September 16, 2013

Arizona 16 Sept 2013

Week 35

     Well it nice to hear that it is still fall some places in the world.  Here it is still summer.  I think I heard that they changed the name of the fair from someone.  I will always call it the Puyallup Fair though. 
      So classes are starting again at BYU-I.  Tell everyone to join the hot kool-aid rec soccer team. 
      Lets see; we set a couple baptism dates with people for October 12.  Which just happens to be the ward temple trip day, so we still need to work that out.   I gave a talk this Sunday in one of the wards about member missionary work.
      We do try to visit a lot of part member families.  We stay at dinner for an hour at the most and we do leave a message about missionary work every time.  Well, cool thing, in one ward a couple weeks ago they had a homecoming and farewell talk and there was I think 392 people at the sacrament meeting. 
     We really do the same in the morning and afternoon.  We don't do much tracting: its just to hot.  So we try to visit less actives and part member and investigator and potentials.  We really get most of our people from referrals.  Lets see, for an hour every day we can get on facebook to work and try to find people through members.  It will eventually be 2 hours when we each get our I-pads and things, but no one knows when that will happen.
Elder Swift

Monday, September 9, 2013

Arizona 9 Sept 2013


     I did get the box, what do you mean that you left it on my door step?  Well I guess you have seen the house I'm in now then.  Yah, I like the shirts they were cool.  One thing though is the Hawaiian punch water bottle flavor things don't really taste good, and I don't like seafood unless it is shrimp, some bigger fish like salmon and cat fish and some sushi. It's just 4 missionaries in the apartment and no members.  We usually drive from lunch to dinner because we are a half car area, so it's not too hot and yes I do have a water backpack.
     Holbrook was in this mission about 5 years ago, but it has been in Farmington New Mexico mission since it was created. So it's not actually in my mission anymore.  Well we e-mail at the church building in this area.  So it didn't matter that it was a holiday because we have a key.  Each mission around here is getting somewhere in the 20's and 30's missionaries each transfer right now and only like 10 are going home.  I do still have to same companion; next transfer isn't till the end of the month.  Things are going good.  We were able to teach a fairly new investigator and also had two of her kids join in on the lesson.  The three of them came to Church.  The oldest one just got suspended today though for having marijuana so that's going to be fun.  Nothing else really exciting going on here.
     Played golf today and it was sprinkling the whole time so it was really nice.  Then it started really raining soon after we got back home.  That's it for this week,

Bye From,
 Elder Swift.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Arizona 2 sept 2013

Week 33

We did get rain, it was pretty strong, but only lasted a couple minutes.   Thanks for the recipe.  I'm going to try it sometime in the future, not sure when.  So last Wednesday we had a zone conference that talked about many things.  A couple of them were:  rules vs. principle and 9 bad ants (it's a book), some other things, and Facebook.  It took me I think 3 hours total, spread out over a couple days, to clean up my Facebook, (deleting all old activities using an activity log, Scrabble had every single play I ever made or was made against me).  So I am now a Facebook missionary.  I still need to get my Facebook page approved before I can actually do any teaching though.  Sounds like you had an interesting time at Church on Sunday.  If all your friend are members do what I said in the past, GET NEW FRIENDS. (not replace old ones, just get some more)  Sounds like the garden is going good, the big tomatoes really only got red once before.  I remember we took all the extra green ones to church once and someone ended up talking the laundry basket too.  We helped someone move this morning.   Had to get up really early so we could still do our studies.  Nothing else really going on. Have a nice week.
Elder Swift