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Monday, September 2, 2013

Arizona 2 sept 2013

Week 33

We did get rain, it was pretty strong, but only lasted a couple minutes.   Thanks for the recipe.  I'm going to try it sometime in the future, not sure when.  So last Wednesday we had a zone conference that talked about many things.  A couple of them were:  rules vs. principle and 9 bad ants (it's a book), some other things, and Facebook.  It took me I think 3 hours total, spread out over a couple days, to clean up my Facebook, (deleting all old activities using an activity log, Scrabble had every single play I ever made or was made against me).  So I am now a Facebook missionary.  I still need to get my Facebook page approved before I can actually do any teaching though.  Sounds like you had an interesting time at Church on Sunday.  If all your friend are members do what I said in the past, GET NEW FRIENDS. (not replace old ones, just get some more)  Sounds like the garden is going good, the big tomatoes really only got red once before.  I remember we took all the extra green ones to church once and someone ended up talking the laundry basket too.  We helped someone move this morning.   Had to get up really early so we could still do our studies.  Nothing else really going on. Have a nice week.
Elder Swift

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