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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

27 Aug 2013 Arizona

      Things are going good.  I got the package.  The 2 baptisms went well.  One is 9 years old.  Parents were less active; got active so that the dad could baptize the son.  The other is 17 years old; family are members, he was adopted and we taught him and he got baptized, his dad baptized and grandpa confirmed.  That's actually true for both of them, the dad baptized and the grandpa confirmed.
     Happy Anniversary, hope you had fun on your trip to Canada.  Grandpa Swift is 90 years old, wow, he is getting up there.  That is going to be a big part,y right, I mean it is 90 after all.  86 is cool too (Grandpa Rucker), but it's not divisible by 10 so its not as exciting.
     Tofu is nasty. I thought it tastes like what ever you make it with or from, but without meat to make it taste like meat, it must be horrible.  Tyler said that there were a lot of drunks in Kiev, there are tons on the Navajo reservation as well.
     I have been practicing making my fry-bread, it's getting better every time I make it. Our last 2 dinner appointments the parents had their kids over.  So we got to commit some YSA people to do some things, to help out the other missionaries.  We went golfing today, it started out bad.  I did get some good drives though.  One was really close to the green and another went too far and passed it.  And another went a lot farther then the other two, but it was like a par five and not a par 3 or 4 so it only got half way.  It was a lot of fun.

     So who is your friend/family that you are going to invite over?  Do you have a account?  If not then make one.  If you still use Facebook, like all the Prophets and Apostles pages.
     We got our AC fixed.  It was broken for about a week.  It was one hot week.  We got got it fixed I think last Wednesday.  Well that's all that's going on for me

Elder Swift

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