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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5th 2013

Week 29

      We are at church from 8 am to about 2:30 pm.  Because the 2 wards overlap, we go to the Sacrament meeting of one, then all three hours of the other.  I have talked in Sacrament, but the only Sunday School teaching I have done is with the primary on their missionary lesson day.  In my first zone we called it Gospel Principle class  because that's what's on the book, I don't know why people call it Gospel Essentials here though.  We do have that class though.

      Jarom is back. I still have about 1 year and a half years before I will even possibly have the chance to see him.

     Most people do what we ask.   I don't really have a favorite investigator.  The white handbook clearly states, "do not ask family and friend back home to pray or fast..."   Each night we plan out our next day, who we want to see and when.   Yes we have a full ward list, so does every missionary everywhere.

     The weather is hot, not really anything else to say about it.  I like the weather at home a lot better.  I would like home better in the winter as well.  I like to have some snow.  

    Don't think there is anything I need, I'm doing good.  Played some more golf this morning.  Just did the driving range actually.

     Nothing really exciting going on that I can think of, except what's in the emails I already sent.  I should be on Facebook by the end of the month or sooner.  So I was able to find 18 golf balls this week just lying around in streets and stuff, because we live near a golf course that is in-between houses.  So if you hit poorly it can go into the street.  I actually found more but we didn't have time to stop and grab them.  My companion found 4.  I would just get to them faster I guess.  We also sometimes pick up air-soft plastic bee-bee things, if we knock on a door and no ones home.  Some houses have hundreds of them every where, so we never get them all, maybe just like 10 at the most.

Elder Swift

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