Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Arizpna, 13 August 2013

Week 30

There are not really many interesting stories.  There isn't something that is the hardest or the easiest.  I know that one young man is like going to Spain I think, but that's it.  Yes, I got the things for my Bicycle.  The average day here is the same as in the last mission.  I don't have a favorite thing to teach and I don't have any interesting stories about people either.  Well, Deon Yazzie that got baptized, is now getting the priesthood to baptize Owen his best friend.  I taught both, but Owen didn't go to church for a couple of weeks, so he didn't get baptized back then.  If you want want to know how teaching the gospel feels like, get some non-member friends and start talking with them.  It feels a lot better when they're your friend and you care about them.  There are a lot more people speaking Spanish here then in my last mission.  I'm not going to pick up any new words if that's what you mean, and they talk to fast that I couldn't understand anything even if I did know the words.  Nothing else really interesting going on.

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