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Monday, August 19, 2013

19 August 2013

Week 31

That's cool that Sister Zenkner saw my last companion.  Is Penelope still really loud and won't let Dad be around her?  It's fine to let the Elder in your ward use my bike.  So we are going to have a zone conference in about 2 weeks on how to use Facebook.  So pretty soon I will be on.  On about Thursday or Friday sometime mid-day our AC broke.  It is so hot inside. T he other Elders that live with use got a window AC from someone so we use that in the room we sleep in.  We had two baptismal interviews last Saturday, they both went good.  It looks like we will have 2 baptisms this next Saturday.  I tried to deep fry cookies, it didn't work.  Then I tried to cook them with a little ice cream in the middle.  It tasted good.  The ice cream melting into the cookie. Do you know how to make baked Alaska?  I'm thinking of trying it.  I made some cheese cake.  I replaced the whipped cream with cookies and cream ice cream.  It worked out pretty good.  Not really any thing else going on.  The new elder in our house is Tongan, he just started his mission and he is from California.

 Lets see.. Something to the ward... Families should do things like inviting non-member friends over for dinner, FHE, and church activities.  Every family should at least find one person/family to do this with.  That's my Challenge to the ward.  Things are going good.  It's really hot.  They say I just need to get past Halloween and then it starts to cool down.  Also a good thing to do is to do FHE out of PMG (Preach my Gospel).  Let's see what else can I say... Feed the missionaries.  Every Sunday before sacrament meeting starts get up and say hello and introduce yourself to every one that you don't know.  There is a chalk board right next to us and there is a quote on it.  "It is not enough to want to make an effort... It's in the doing that we accomplish our goals." - Pres. Monson.  That's all for today folks, hoped you enjoyed the show.  Good-Day and Good-Night.

Elder Swift

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