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Monday, September 16, 2013

Arizona 16 Sept 2013

Week 35

     Well it nice to hear that it is still fall some places in the world.  Here it is still summer.  I think I heard that they changed the name of the fair from someone.  I will always call it the Puyallup Fair though. 
      So classes are starting again at BYU-I.  Tell everyone to join the hot kool-aid rec soccer team. 
      Lets see; we set a couple baptism dates with people for October 12.  Which just happens to be the ward temple trip day, so we still need to work that out.   I gave a talk this Sunday in one of the wards about member missionary work.
      We do try to visit a lot of part member families.  We stay at dinner for an hour at the most and we do leave a message about missionary work every time.  Well, cool thing, in one ward a couple weeks ago they had a homecoming and farewell talk and there was I think 392 people at the sacrament meeting. 
     We really do the same in the morning and afternoon.  We don't do much tracting: its just to hot.  So we try to visit less actives and part member and investigator and potentials.  We really get most of our people from referrals.  Lets see, for an hour every day we can get on facebook to work and try to find people through members.  It will eventually be 2 hours when we each get our I-pads and things, but no one knows when that will happen.
Elder Swift

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