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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 4 - 11 February 2013

Week 3
11 February 2013

I'm in Flagstaff Arizona.  I live at a member's home.  There is only my companion and me.  We drive a car.  The area is great.  It's been snowing most of the time I've been here, so it hasn't been that hot.  It's a lot different then home.  There is like no rain, only snow and sun.   There are a lot of members; we cover two wards.  Both wards have about half the amount of people that our ward has, so over all the same amount of people I think.  My companion is Elder Munns; he's from Utah.  He will be my trainer for next 12 weeks.
There are a lot of people: one of them Brother Yazzie who makes jewelry Navajo style and he's really good.  He's making my companion a bracelet watch.  There is this store call "Anasazi Traders" and  they give us 75% off retail and we get to go in the back and look at stuff (it's really cheap).  There's a CTR ring in Navajo that I might get sometime; it looks really cool.
The CTR ring was Y E O and it was a mystery what it actually meant, but we figured it out by talking to some people.  It's "yago a oha".
Bad spelling probably, but that's the closest that I can get.  Some people then get the ring inlaid.  If  I were to do that I think I would want the inlaying to be all black.

I ate some pizza with green chili on it.  It was really good.  There's a library where we send emails, I have to check out a laptop to do it.  Most people here are less active, but there are a couple of investigators.
My companion's grandma made some peanut brittle and you know I don't really like peanut brittle, but this was really good.  I was surprised.  Great, after talking about pizza and the peanut brittle now I'm really hungry -- it's 15 minutes til 12 right now.
We have a cell phone to use.  We eat with members like every night.  So far we didn't eat with a member on only one night -- my first full day or second full day, and that's just because they canceled.

Well I can't think of anything else so bye.

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