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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Arizona 7 Oct. 2013

Week 39

     This week is going good.  I didn't have a favorite conference talk.  I watched conference at the church like I planned.  We don't make teaching appointments for that time, but we can have appointments to watch conference with the people you teach at their house.  Conference was really good, I think Sunday was better than Saturday though.  Nope we didn't have any investigators at conference this time.
     I did get the package from Talitha.  The picture of Jesus in our window is a regular 5X7 inch picture.  There is also a small temple picture though.  The weather is pretty good, it didn't get that much over 100 on the weekend.  There are still four elders in our house.  There haven't been any good stories about teaching and I can't remember meeting anyone unusual.  But after the first couple of weirdos its just normal to see one now and then.   Right  the Bishop emailed me so I emailed back.  So far I have always emailed everyone back, with a least a short sentence or two.  Not a lot because I know they can read my emails on the blog.  I think Anthony is going into the army or something. There is actual a missionary like calling that you can do while your in the army and stuff.  He might just do that.
From Elder Swift

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