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Monday, October 21, 2013

Arizona 21 Oct 2013

Week 41

Yes I had a great day on my birthday, it wasn't a zone meeting, but zone interview.  They are almost the same thing though.  The sock game is a game that Sister Taylor made and its all about table manners and the correct things to do when this or that happens.  Like when to arrive, what to do if you get a phone call, and what to do if you get food that you don't like.  I did get my birthday card I think the next day on Thursday.  Well on face-book we do a lot of things.  We can set up appointments, we can challenge members to share videos and links online, and we can get on chat and have lessons with people.  Feel free to send anyone to look at my face-book page, just make sure to tell them to send me a message if they want to add me as a friend:, because without a message I will most likely ignore it.  Feel free to send them on my page just to look at it and learn.  Even more better I think would be to send them to your favorite video on or   After spending all summer here it can feel kind of cold when it's in the 70's.  It's ridiculous.  Nothing really exciting about investigators, but we have found many people who seem very interested, just haven't had a lesson with them yet.  Side bag; I don't think I need one, only the new missionaries, but if I do I'll just let you know that I need one or that I just got one.  Don't worry about it for now.  Make sure to send some pictures of what the hair salon looks like now, I really liked the old look a lot.  So hopefully it will look even better.  Hope you have a great week! (Exclamation Point!, conference joke)
Elder Swift

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